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Buza Remodeling is your premier source for all your Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Countertops and Cabinet Refacing needs in Houston,TX. Whether you are Remodeling your Kitchen, Bathroom our any part of your home, Buza Remodeling will provide you with quality products and excellent service.

Our mission is simple – we are dedicated to providing our clients with personalized service and innovative design solutions using premiere Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom remodeling products and will help you put together your renovation design ideas. We are one of a select number of remodeling companies that offer a one-stop experience to clients in the Greater Houston, TX and Katy area. We carry only the highest quality Kitchen Cabinets from top manufactures with the widest range of styles. Our experienced kitchen, bathroom, and home cabinetry specialists are personally available at every stage of a project-from the initial consultation through the design phase to the selection of products and our expert installation. We invite you to experience what the Buza Remodeling Company has to offer and make your dream kitchen and bathroom remodel, home entertainment center or living area a beautiful, functional reality.

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Kitchen Remodeling - Houston,TX

We are well known for our experienced and qualified kitchen and bath design professionals and our skilled installers. We will produce innovative kitchen and bath designs that are functional, great looking and most important, a design that fits your budget.

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A bathroom can be a sanctuary in a home – a comfortable space where we can retreat and escape from the stresses of work, family and the world in general. A comforting bath, a relaxing shower, and other amenities make bathrooms important parts of any home.

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Houston Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Articles

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Article of the Week – February 2nd

Kitchen Remodeling Houston : Design Your Dream Kitchen with Houston Kitchen Remodeling Services

Every home owner has to face the difficulty of remodeling different parts of their home in their life. The kitchen finds an important place in every house and so it is necessary to be remodeled more so than other areas of the home. Modern kitchens are an excellent place not only for cooking and dining but also for family entertainment. Remodeling your home not only adds beauty but increases its value. Houston Kitchen Remodeling professionals help you with various options if you are looking to remodel your kitchen or any other room. Also, if you are thinking of selling your old house or apartment, remodeling increases the price thereby offering you more profit. Your kitchen can be remodeled as per your requirements with larger storage space, newer cooking appliances, additional lighting and other standard features.

The primary aim of a Houston Kitchen Remodeling is to make your kitchen the most fascinating place to spend time. Remodeling contractors design kitchens with creative and imaginative ideas with the latest trends in order to give the best for your investment. The appliances and the products are also chosen based on your suggestions and preferences. They provide you excellent lighting and flooring facilities to suit your requirement and style. Kitchen remodeling services are offered by companies wherein a team of professionals design your dream kitchen in the actual style you want. Expert Kitchen remodelers choose appliances, furniture and other products to perfectly fit the location. You may want to remodel any part of your home or the complete apartment. Whatever be your needs, remodeling contractors are skilled and experienced enough to design your home.

You would think that you can do the remodeling all alone. It may be cost effective, but you may not get the end result in the manner that you want. Instead, give the job to remodeling contractors and you will definitely be surprised with the results. They also guide you with the paper work and permits needed for the building and remodeling functions. Other than the Kitchen, the bathroom is usually the next place remodeled for a healthy living. With Houston bathroom remodeling, you can get a fresh and stylish look for your bathrooms. There are a number of options for finding the best and comfortable bathroom accessories online. These remodelers make every effort to satisfy your needs and minimize difficulties that happen with remodeling homes. Refashioning a kitchen is always expensive but there are companies which offer you kitchen remodeling in Houston, TX at affordable rates. Don’t forget that these are useful investments and so opt for companies which provide you quality remodeling.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Article of the Week – January 2nd

Kitchen Remodeling Houston : 3 Things To Consider When Looking At Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

Kitchen remodeling Houston – is a popular search online, and it’s not just those in the area, it’s many people looking to retrofit their home with the style of Texas. If you’re one of those people that want to look for options that will upgrade a home from standard to something greater, consider the following 3 things that will help you make proper decision in the remodeling of any kitchen. Whether you are going to do the work yourself or hire a professional, these tips can help you in the long term.

  • High Technology – One thing that many people want in their home is high technology. For whatever reason, the age of computers has made people want the latest and greatest everywhere they go. If you’re one of the millions of people that want to have convenience and functionality mixed with tech, you’re going to love the modern kitchen gadgets available today. If you’re going to spend serious money in remodeling your kitchen, make sure that the counters and the cabinets allow for your latest apparatuses.
  • Eco-Friendly – When looking at kitchen remodeling in Houston, make sure that you look for eco-friendly options. Many energy star rated appliances can save you money in the long term but also ensure that you’re getting tax rebates from the government and they run well too. The latest technology really is about efficiency, cost effectiveness, and helping the environment, and you can have all things happen when you consider eco-friendly options for your new remodel.
  • Flooring – One of the most important pieces to any major remodel is the flooring. The flooring has to be modern, and has to be non-slip. You have a variety of options to choose from when considering updating your kitchen, but if it is attached to the rest of the home, you might want to change out the flooring across the main living areas. If the kitchen is detached or separated in a way, you could always choose separate flooring like tile, rock, linoleum, or even hard wood, but whatever you do, make sure that it matches the overall décor that you’re going for.

When you are looking to remodel, make sure that you have enough financial cushioning to cover the costs but also any unforeseen options that can arise in the process. The worst thing that could happen is having to stop construction because the budget has been tapped and money is not available to complete the project.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Article of the Week – December 3rd

Kitchen Remodeling Houston : Kitchen Remodeling – How Much?

Kitchen remodeling has gained the spotlight in home improvement for a good reason.  With all the delightful benefits that such project has to offer, more and more Houston and Katy homeowners are tempted to jump into the renovation bandwagon.  However, undertaking such can be a costly endeavor.  To make things work out and finish off the project in a timely and cost-efficient way, it is important to know the costs involved and ways that you can save money.  This article discusses just this with tips ideal whether you are in Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Spring, or The Woodlands.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost

As they say, no two houses are exactly the same as well as the taste and personal preferences of homeowners.  Other than these, other factors that will affect your overall kitchen remodeling budget include the size, condition and current layout of the room.  Some of the major areas where your money goes include the kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops, flooring, and labor.  Total expense can range from an average of $20,000 to around $115,000 for an upscale renovation.


When it comes to financing your kitchen remodeling, you can either take it from your personal savings, apply for a loan or combination of both.  Investigate which way would best fit your financial conditions and would offer the best deal.  There are various lending institutions and companies that offer such services, thus doing research is crucial not only to land with the best deal but to avoid scams as well.  Some of the options you can consider include:

•    Mortgage refinancing
•    Personal savings
•    Retirement funds
•    Home equity loans

Kitchen Remodeling Budget

Busting the budget is among the most feared yet common thing to happen when kitchen remodeling.  Though working on a ‘dream’ kitchen, it is important to be realistic when establishing a budget.  Setting a budget is important not only to avoid overspending but to also allow your hired contractor to get the best value for the money that you are willing to invest into the project.  Your best source of the closest estimate is from a qualified contractor.  And it is advised to extend your budget to 12%, this will cover overruns and keep the project going.

Ways to Save Money

In kitchen remodeling, there are many ways in which you can save money without cutting corners.  Smart spending is the key and not to opt for cheap labor and products.  Here are money-saving ideas that you cab take advantage of to save money on your kitchen remodeling project:

•    A well-detailed contract and well-drafted kitchen remodeling plan will avoid additions to the original scope of the project.
•    If possible, reuse existing appliances.
•    Opt for RTA kitchen cabinets that afford you the same quality and appeal that you can get out of traditional pieces, but for a fraction of the cost.
•    Avoid major changes in the layout such as moving appliances and utilities that would require a re-route in plumbing and electrical system.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Article of the Week – November 5th

Kitchen Remodeling Houston : Budget for a kitchen remodel

A kitchen remodel can be quite the undertaking. You may only be updating a few things – the cabinets and countertops perhaps – or taking on the entire room floor to ceiling. Either way, you’ll no doubt agree it’s a time investment. But it can also be a colossal money investment, especially if you don’t plan before you start knocking down walls. Budgeting in general is not always easy, and remodels have a way of running over budget. But with a little planning and priority setting, you can effectively budget for your renovation.

How Much To Spend on Your Remodel – First, you need to know how much you have to spend on the kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel. You can find a helpful budget worksheet on The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s website. Some questions to ask include: How long do I plan living in this house? What debts do I have? What is my gross monthly income? It’s especially important to look at how long you intend to live in your house. That will largely determine what you put into your kitchen or bath remodel. Having the overall number that you have to work with will help you move on to choosing what to remodel.

Where Should You Spend Your Remodeling Budget? – Now that you know how much you can spend, what do you spend it on? If you’re giving your kitchen a minor makeover, like adding a sophisticated countertop (like granite), a new paint job, and new appliances, you won’t have much to consider. If, however, you plan on gutting it and starting over, balancing your money will be more complicated. So unless you have unlimited funds, this means some picking and choosing is in order. One way to know where your money should go is to decide what means the most to you. Do you have your heart set on all granite countertops or stainless steel appliances? Then maybe that’s what you should focus on, compromising or scaling down on other features like intricate crown moldings. Think about the things that are more permanent (cabinets and tile) that you won’t be replacing soon, if ever. It may be worth investing a little more in those things.

Always leave a financial pillow. Even with excellent planning, you may experience the unexpected. Especially with older homes, problems may arise during demolition, or you may have to make changes in what you plan to buy. Whatever may turn up, leave enough space in your budget to handle unexpected payouts.

So when planning your budget for your future kitchen remodel:

  • Decide how much you have to spend on the renovation.
  • Choose what you should invest the most in and scale back on secondary features.
  • Budget for unexpected changes in your renovation plans.
  • A little budget planning will go a long way toward a smoother kitchen or bath remodel.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Article of the Week – August 20th

Kitchen Remodeling Houston : Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom – Will it Pay Off When You Sell?

Many Houston homeowners often ask the question, will I get back my money on a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel if I sell my house soon?

The short answer is yes! If your overall home is in good shape and your kitchen is lacking then it maybe wise to remodel before you resale. But you must take into account the cost to remodel, do not go overboard on your kitchen if your home is an average dwelling. Find out what is happening in your neighborhood as far as kitchen remodels go.

Never remodel with a strong niche theme in mind. That means no checkered flooring, retro, country, etc. A theme that does not fit with your home and or mass market may make it harder to sell your home. Remodeling for profit means your kitchen cost should be no more than 8% of total home value.

For an honest opinion ask your friends and family. You can never trust someone who has motive to gain business or profit from your home. Take it for what it is worth.

Take your time – Avoid contractors that are in a hurry to get you to sign something. They are worried you will find someone better. They are not very confident that you will pick them and their deal.

Finally, If you are in doubt? Don’t do it. Time will tell. But if you plan to live there for a while and think you will enjoy the remodel and can afford it than I say go for it. Often times when I am done with a remodel the homeowner will tell me I really wish I would have done this sooner.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Article of the Week – July 25th

Kitchen Remodeling Houston : Kitchen remodeling – Adding Function and Value of Your Home

If you want to make home improvements, you have to decide which is more important, increasing the value of your home, or just so convenient for you. If you build a deck or pave your driveway, that make your life easier for you, but this does not work in your home will be worth more. However, if you set your lawn, or put siding on his house, he will make your home more expensive, but it will not matter how much comfort you.

Many homeowners are looking for the best of both worlds: home improvement project that enhances the value and function of the house. Remodel the kitchen for both. While this project will improve the look of your home, it also adds functionality that makes food storage and preparation is more convenient. This combination of style and function can significantly increase your home’s value.

Trade publications, the number of home-side evaluations of certain additions to the house effect, and most of these publications, the best improvement that you can do at home to add value measurement objective of a kitchen remodel. Unlike other remodeling projects, kitchen remodeled, you can add more real value to your home, and even add more than the cost of reconstruction in many cases.

Kitchen remodeling as well as making their homes more comfortable, especially if the room is transformed to match your cooking and storage needs. High quality equipment can still be purchased for a reasonable price, and to provide more efficient storage and cooking capabilities, as well as adding a touch of elegance. Adding new cabinets and counters give you the flexibility to choose the right look for you and your new plants make food preparation and washing dishes much easier.

Most home improvement stores to advise the do it yourself remodels that can make even the kitchen remodel in a reasonable commitment. Since the reconstruction of the kitchen is one of the most popular design, materials needed to complete the task is relatively inexpensive and readily available. If you can do it yourself remodel, you can save a lot of money, which adds to a complete kitchen remodel value.

If you are thinking about improving their homes over time, or just want to prepare it for sale right now, it is important to remodel your kitchen. It would be very useful to do so, because the new design will be attractive and valuable. You’ll get more in return than what you put into it and it will pay off date.

There are many home improvement projects can be considered. When deciding which one to start you should consider the value it will add to your home. Kitchen remodel is a great way to add value to your home and at the same time, it adds functionality. Most experts agree that it is the best way to add value to your home. The money you spend in this project will not lose because it will add additional value to our homes.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Article of the Week – July 9th

Kitchen Remodeling Houston : Designer Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen is like the soul of a house. convenience, aesthetics and modernization rules the designing and beautification of modern kitchens. Today, kitchens are being developed on the lines of a cabinet which resembles to that of a closed box. However, don’t get deceived by the enclosed look. It has got a whole lot of space within to accommodate each and every essential item needed in designer kitchen cabinets.

The fundamental functionality of kitchen was associated with cooking only. But changing times have incorporated dining and entertainment modules into a kitchen. Now, designer kitchen cabinets come equipped with a stove, a sink with separate cold and hot water vents, drawers, dishwasher, microwave oven and even refrigerator.

Few guidelines to kitchen remodeling in Houston TX
Kitchen designing is known by various names like kitchen remodelling, kitchen refacing and kitchen resurfacing. Maneuvering the looks and interiors of the kitchen demands a deep insight into the specifics of architecture and aesthetic sense. It can be done on own but to get a return worth the investment, it is better to take the advice of professionals in this domain.

    • If you are handing over the project to some expert, discuss with them about the space available and the type of kitchen cabinet which would suit the rest of your house décor. Designer kitchen cabinets are available in wooden and stainless steel formats.
    • Pay special attention to the color decision of the cabinet. An abnormal or an mismatching color of the cabinet can ruin all your efforts. The kitchen paint can also be supported by matching hardware and paintings
    • Small is great. Likewise, kitchen is of no use without a complete set of kitchen utensils. Choose and buy those utensils which serve dual purpose and are also inexpensive. Not only this, do not go for alluring kitchen utensils if you are not comfortable in using them.
  • Kitchen appliances are an integral part of a well furnished kitchen. Do purchase them from branded and reputed manufacturers as they require hefty initial investments and you would not like to replace them every now and then.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy every moment of cooking and dining! Request a free consultation form The Buza Companies NOW!


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Article of the Week – February 27th

Kitchen Remodeling Houston : Top Remodeling Ideas

Are you looking for kitchen remodeling ideas? You would definitely need some. No homeowner can ever live with the exact same kitchen they had decades ago. A remodeling project, no matter how budgeted, is expected. Here are some great ideas for kitchen remodeling.

-Your first consideration should be your kitchen design. This would of course, depend on the available space that you have. You might for example, want to settle for an L-shaped or galley kitchen if you have limited space. This will allow fluid movement from one area to the next. Other shapes to consider for larger spaced kitchens are the two-galley and U-shaped kitchen.

-If you aren’t an amateur designer, you could use some help with your kitchen design. You could either settle for a contractor package that includes the design. If you want greater design control, you can use software. Design software will let you input existing kitchen specifications and mix and match color and design aspects.

-Every kitchen should have sufficient storage space. There are ready-made or custom-made cabinets for this. You could settle for store bought storage units if you have standard kitchen measurements and spaces. Smaller or bigger kitchens however will almost always do better with custom storage.

-The best kitchen remodeling ideas focus on maximizing existing space. To save on limited space, you can settle for overhead cabinets, under the counter storage units and side cabinet hooks.

-Bar stools and a car counter are two other good ideas for a small kitchen. This can take the place of a large kitchen table set. Aide from saving space, a bar gives a fresh, causal kitchen look.

-No matter how small your kitchen is, the sink should be wide. You will need the extra space for pots, pans and cleaning raw ingredients. It would be a good idea to have a double sink. One side can hold a pot for filling or dishes for washing while the other can be used for vegetable washing and quick meat defrosting.

-Your kitchen faucet is always an important consideration. You can have a wall faucet for filling pots or a high curved spout. A spray faucet would also be a good addition to facilitate sink and vegetable cleaning.

-Small kitchens are always best with light paint colors and wide sources of natural light. These will help create the impression that you have a bigger, more spacious kitchen.

-Lighting is another crucial aspect that you have to focus on. The kitchen should be well-lighted because you are expected to perform a lot of potentially dangerous tasks such as cutting and working with hot liquids. Task lighting underneath counters are a must aside from the central light and corner lights available.

-If you have limited space, you can always combine the elements of you home. Have a kitchen that is immediately beside the dining table or area. Instead of setting up walls or islands to separate areas, you can save space by using different flooring material or a raised platform to separate the kitchen.

There are numerous other kitchen remodeling ideas. You can start with these basic ideas for a truly wonderful kitchen.